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Trust Me… I’m an Estate Agent!

So (I keep starting my posts with “so”, sorry) Mr J and I are debating moving house at the moment (long boring story) and we’re starting to get some valuations done.

Now I know recruitment people have a bad rep, but surely their biggest rivals are estate agents?! If we had the time and inclination (neither of which we do) we’d love to try something like Tepilo but sadly its looks as though we’re going to be beholden to the agents.

So the valuations are underway, but even from the off we struggled to select which agents to even invite round to look at the place. We’ve viewed a few houses ourselves (with mixed success) but the levels of service vary so heavily from agent to agent.

A little summary for you…

Agent 1: By far my favourite. We’ve viewed two properties with them and both agents stood out. They didn’t push us, let us take our time, answered our questions (seemingly) honestly even if the answer wasn’t really positive. But neither was pushy at all. And while I like that as a buyer, I’m not sure how I feel about that as a seller… Do houses really sell themselves?

Agent 2: What a wide boy! Rocked up late and (clearly late for his next appointment) ferried us round the house in 5mins flat. Bragged about all the sales he’d made that week and was more interested in trying to sell ours for us.

Agent 3: Talk about disinterested! While I concede that she was something like 8 months pregnant and it was a Sunday, I have never seen anyone less interested! The house had SO much potential and she failed to point out 99% of what I (Joe Public) could even spot. Mr J told me later that he’d had to haggle just to get a viewing on it, such was her disinterest.

Agent 4: The owner was showing the property (always uncomfortable IMO, but fair enough). He was expecting us at 12. We were expecting to be shown round at 5. You can imagine how well that went down…

Agent 5: Never called us back to confirm a viewing we requested. Nice tactic.

Agent 6: we’ve avoided like the plague after the atrocious experience we had last time. They sell a lot of flats (or maybe they don’t and that’s why there’s so many on their database…) so we’ve asked them to do a valuation. We already regret that decision. We’ve had about 8 calls in 4 days from them. Mr J sends them straight to voicemail now and debating suing them for harassment! 😉

I’ve never had many dabblings with recruiters. What I have has been annoying to say the least, but I have faith, because I too am a recruiter and I blindly refuse to believe they can all be bad. But if estate agents are an equal comparison and my experience is anything to go by then I have a new understanding… Where’s the trust? Where’s the honesty? Why is it I want none of these people to sell my house?! And if I had the same kind of experience with recruiters why would I want them to help me find staff?!

Writer’s Block

Arrrgh! So I have total writer’s (blogger’s?!) block! Although I always have a raft of ideas and topics knocking around the sidelines I generally find that I have to be in the right mood to write about certain topics. But for the last fortnight my mood has failed me on all fronts and I have been totally uninspired; god only knows why! I’ve sat here, netbook on lap and New Post page open in WordPress, at least three times now. I’ve tried writing on my BlackBerry on my commute too… But all to no avail. How can you write when you don’t feel empassioned about something?!

So here I am now – empassioned about writer’s block because I am sooo frustrated by it! So frustrated in fact that earlier today I googled it to try and find inspiration. And actually I found loads… So much good stuff that I wanted to share it! So here’s my top three finds which I am hoping will have me back on track in the next few days…

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has ever come up blank for a blog topic, but for anyone who knows me, I’m usually rather difficult to shut up, so this is unfamiliar territory for me!  Regardless, I am still here and I have not abandoned my blog… So please don’t forget me! 🙂

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